WEEK 5– 2 February 2021

For this week, we were introduced to a new device called Makey Makey. Makey Makey is an invention kit which is designed to connect everyday objects to computer keys.

How is that so? Well, from the use of a circuit board, alligator clips and a USB cable, the toy uses closed loop electrical signals to send the computer either a keyboard stroke or mouse click signal. This function allows the Makey Makey to work with any computer program or webpage that accepts keyboard or mouse click inputs.

Once the lecturer was done explaining about the device, he showed us some examples of what we could create with Makey Makey.

To illustrate what Makey Makey is like, below are 2 images which demonstrates how it functions.

Once we were done with the explanation, we were told to go towards our respective groups and create something with the usage of Makey Makey. After much discussion, our group decided to create something like those stairs which had piano chords on them so every time we stepped on the tiles, a sound will appear.

However, we wanted to put a twist to it. Our group wanted to create the “ staircase to hell” in which as the person goes down the stairs, every step that person takes will cause the stairs to groan or to scream, just like what some people envision what hell would be like.

The teacher, approved of our idea and told us to go search up possible sfx which we could us for next class meeting.

It was a silly idea, but we all liked it, so we decided to continue with it. I am quite excited to see what it will be like working with Makey Makey to make the staircase of hell a reality.